Consultancy Services

Surge Protection System

Complete design process to BSEN62305
Design process following investigation into surge issues within the structure and the power equipment
Design process and tailor solution to TOV and surge problems (install and commission if required)

Lightning Protecting System

Lightning protection complete design process to BSEN62305 (install and commission if required)
Full design starting with the risk assessment, design brief from drawings and scaled solution including CAD drawings where required.

Lightning and surge protection complete design process to BSEN62305 and full installation

The complete solution for the external and the internal systems as a turnkey solution. Having our brand of surge protection, we supply this to match with the entire process and offer design responsibility and include our ten year warranty on all products supplied.

Generator earthing systems (Earth Nest)

 Full earthing design for generator earth nest to BS7671 complete design, installation and commissioning.

LED lighting load calculations – Product supply and installation

The full solution for energy reduction and cost savings by using our state of the art LED lighting systems, we guarantee to make massive cost savings on your annual bills by our dedicated lighting specialists, and this will include installation if required.

Harmonic investigation – Power Quality (install and commission if required)

 By improving the power factor the site KVA demand will reduce (total power demand) and consequently the kVA service capacity can be reduced. (£ saving).

Utility companies can, and invariably do, impose a reactive sine-wave charge for users with a power factor of less than 0.95 lagging. If correctly specified the new power factor will be above 0.95 lagging and therefore no reactive charges will be incurred. (£ saving)

Reduces I2R losses in conductors and consequently will reduce kWh consumption (£ saving) As current flows through conductors, the conductors heat. This heating is power loss which is proportional to current squared (PLoss=I2 R) and the current is proportional to P.F.

Reduces loading on transformers freeing up availability by reducing KVA (total power demand). This can often lead to financial saving as the requirement to increase the site supply to meet future loads is reduced.

Reduction in CO2 emissions produced in the generation of reactive current.

The disturbance phenomena considered are:

  • voltage deviations
  • voltage dips and short interruptions
  • voltage unbalance
  • power-frequency variations
  • harmonics up to order
  • interharmonics up to the 50th harmonic
  • voltage components at higher frequencies (above 50th harmonic)
  • d.c. component
  • transient overvoltages